Please read


  1. All Federal, State and Local Laws must be obeyed at all times.

  2. All transactions are to take place inside the gun show building. 

  3. To prevent accidental discharge NO loaded firearms are allowed in the gun show, including persons with a concealed handgun permit. Except armed security provided by show management or local Law Enforcement Officers.

  4. All firearms must have the actions tied to render them inoperable.

  5. Loose cartridges are not allowed near firearms. Any dummy rounds must have the primers removed and holes drilled through the side.

  6. All removable magazines must be removed.

  7. Knives must be sheathed or in protective cases, and not readily available to the public. Glass cases are recommended.

  8. No Alcoholic Beverages.

  9. Minors must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older.

  10. No audio or visual equipment allowed without permission of the gun show management.

  11. Walking isles must be kept clear during the open hours of the show.

  12. All self-defense spray must be in sealed packages.

  13. All lasers and stun devices must have the batteries removed or not be accessible by the public.

  14. Show security reserves the right to inspect any packages, containers or personal belongings entering or leaving the show.

  15. Parking guidelines must be adhered to. RV’s must park in designated RV parking and pay a parking fee if spending the night. Reservations can be made by contacting the facility during normal business hours.

  16. Failure to keep your table space occupied and open for business during the open hours of the show, without management approval, may cause the loss of your space at future gun shows. Please discuss any issues with the show staff prior to setup.

  17. Vendors and staff will be supplied with badges and must be worn during the gun show.

  18. Table contents must be gun or knife related.

  19. Vendors cannot promote, detour or distract the general public in front of other vendors tables. This is referred to as "poaching" sales and can result in removal from the show.